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Great Wine Comes From Great Fruit

It is a foundational principle for Prospice that great wine can be made only by starting with exceptional fruit. We are uncompromising in choosing our vineyard sources, selecting sites and growers that we are confident will consistently provide top-quality grapes. We work with vineyards in multiple AVAs, seeking to represent the unique qualities of place and climate in the wines we produce from each of these vineyards.


Les Collines Vineyard is one of the preeminent Syrah vineyards in the Walla Walla Valley, and among the very best vineyards in Washington. The gently sloping, higher elevation terrain at the base of the Blue Mountains provides for warmer low temperatures and cooler high temperatures than valley-bottom sites — vines can start growing earlier in the spring and also avoid some of the worst of the heat stress on summer’s hottest days. Deep, fertile loess soils and ample spring precipitation allow for lower overall irrigation requirements most years. We particularly appreciate the Les Collines crew’s commitment to sustainable farming practices as exemplified by their LIVE and Salmon-Safe certifications.


Resurgent Vineyard is uniquely sited on the ¼-mile-wide valley of the South Fork of the Walla Walla River. Confined by steep slopes rising more than 800 feet, the vineyard is full of ancient river cobblestones and fractured basalt from the surrounding hillsides.  The soil profile closely resembles that found in the Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA, but Resurgent sits almost 600 feet higher in elevation than most of the the “Rocks.” This brings summer evening breezes as cooler air rushing out of the Blues channels through the valley every night. The myriad of unique features found in this vineyard combine to present a very distinct terroir that we are excited to explore for many years to come.


Gamache Vineyard sits on a high bluff near Basin City, WA.  After consulting with Dr. Walter Clore about this site, brothers Bob and Roger Gamache began planting wine grapes here in 1982.  The vineyard is now owned and farmed by the highly-regarded team at Sagemoor. Gamache’s relatively cool microclimate means long hang times and gradual ripening with excellent acid retention, making it an ideal spot from which to source our Viognier.   Even with later harvest dates, we are able to pick ideal fruit to produce our desired style of Viognier:  bright, fresh, and acid-driven.


A cornerstone of viticulture in the Walla Walla Valley, Seven Hills Vineyard was first planted in 1980, and has expanded in multiple phases to cover more than 200 acres.  The gently sloping hillside location provides excellent water and air drainage, and the vines are sustainably farmed (LIVE, Salmon-Safe, and IOBC-certified).  General Manager Sadie Drury and her team meticulously tend the vineyard, always attentive to the latest viticultural research and techniques.  Since our first vintage in 2017, we have sourced Cabernet Sauvignon from multiple blocks of Seven Hills Vineyard, and added Merlot in the 2019 vintage.

Alder Ridge Vineyard

We source fruit from a small block at the farthest reaches of this sprawling vineyard in the Horse Heaven Hills, and it’s one of the most visually striking sites we visit.  With a panoramic view of the mighty Columbia River, the steep, sandy soil is where our Mourvèdre vines work their magic.  The river acts as a giant thermal buffer, moderating summer highs and shoulder season lows – providing a nice, long growing season. The steep slope in this block leads to noticeable differences in ripening between the bottom and top of each row, requiring our careful attention to assess ripeness and make our pick decisions.

Bacchus Vineyard

The iconic Bacchus Vineyard (together with its sister vineyard, Dionysus) sits in an amphitheater-like setting on the east bank of the Columbia River north of Pasco. Impeccably farmed by Lacey Lybeck and her team at Sagemoor, Bacchus has become a cornerstone for the production of our Bordeaux varietal wines. The sloping terrain and proximity to the river offer excellent air circulation and moderation of temperature extremes. Merlot from this site tends to find itself a critical component in many of our blends, and the Cabernet Sauvignon is a foundational element of our new, signature BDX wine.

Phinny Hill Vineyards

You can’t talk about Phinny Hill Vineyards without talking about the Beightol family behind it.  Planted by the late Dick Beightol and now farmed by his son Brandon, Phinny sits high on the Horse Heaven Hills plateau.  The defining characteristic for us here is wind – it seems there’s never a day we visit our Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon rows here that the wind isn’t whipping the car door open and blowing your hat away.  That wind leads to thick-skinned grapes that in turn produce concentrated and complex wines.

Quintessence Vineyard

If you love Cabernet Sauvignon in Washington, you can’t help but be lured in by Red Mountain – this tiny AVA consistently produces some of the most sought-after Cabernet in the state.  And it’s from Quintessence Vineyard that we source the fruit for our Reserve bottling.  We have found that Quintessence Cabernet Sauvignon consistently delivers an intense, structured, concentrated style without sacrificing nuance or complexity.  This fruit enables us to develop a bolder, richer style of Cabernet that still retains our hallmark balance and restraint.